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Cashless plus is an electronic payment company, that recently launched             app & e-card to facilitate and solve the complexity of online commerce, subscription billing, and payments with a set of tools to accept payments whether Smart card or via mobile to pay government bills ,retail stores, electricity , restaurants ..ETC 

Our comprehensive payments' solutions developed by a very professional team and powerful partnerships with a leading bank under the Egyptian central bank instructions .

Cashless payment processing services can be integrated to complement any existing platform business structure with proven stability and security , we invested a lot in technology solutions and we aim to be the leading seamless payments technology in Egypt.


World best chip manufacturer that design, develop and fabricate high quality, cutting edge and secure chips for payment cards.


The bank executes all banking investment, financial, and commercial matters related to banking investment business and contributes to financing economic, industrial, real estate, agricultural, and commercial projects, as well as Egyptian foreign trade.




Our Solutions

Online Payment

Integrated payment gateway for large and small businesses that facilitate online payments using various means such as Credit Cards, Cash Aggregators or closed loop payment methods


Cashless Plus smart card payment solution provided a full suited solution that integrated various hardware options with the software engine needed to manage the payment service


An encompassing walleting engine that is ready to be deployed on various platforms. This solution brings together modern technology, world class security and the needed flexibility for today's business


Document verification and investigation is a side service provided by Cashless Plus for our clients, this include verifying all legal and governmental documents for businesses .


Our Technologies

Near-Field Communication

NFC technology provides the ability to make in-store payments in an secure and fast manner through contactless communication.

This technology is compatible with smart card or mobile platforms which allows maximum flexibility.

Native Mobile Development

E-Payment have expanded to the smart phones platform rapidly, Cashless Plus develop end-to-end mobile payment apps and payment processing packages.

Cutting Edge Security

Cashless plus employ and develop cutting edge security procedures and control measures to ensure world class cyber and data security.


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HQ Address: 5 Mostafa Refaat, Sheraton, Heliopolis, Cairo , Egypt 

Telephone: 19147


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